A qualification in Maths is an excellent achievement which could open up many opportunities. Please click here to read an article describing the many interesting and varied careers involving the use of mathematics ranging from ‘Games Designers’ to ‘Astronauts’ (as per the list below). Please click here for information on careers requiring qualifications in mathematics (Maths Careers website). Please click here for information on RAF careers – This RAF Careers website also includes a practice numeracy test.

Careers Requiring Maths 

1.   Animator – Making Cartoons!
2.   Special Effects Director
3.   Computer Scientist
4.   Computer Games Designer
5.   Forensic Scientist
6.   Astronaut
7.   Crytanalyst
8.   Statistician
9.   Archictect
10.  Doctor
11. Fashion Designer
12. Astronomer
13. Science Journalist
14. Meteorologist
15. Environmental Consultant
16. Stockbroker
17. Interior Designer
18. Car Designer
19. Political Scientist
20. Petroleum Engineer
21. Aeronautical Engineer




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