Pupils at Queen Anne have taken part in two Mathematical competitions this year.  Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to all our prize winners.

Scottish Mathematical Challenge

The Scottish Mathematical Council’s Mathematical challenge has been running since 1976.  It aims to promote Maths as a fun, challenging and pleasurable activity. Which is, of course, how every pupil at Queen Anne views Mathematics anyway!!

This year pupils in first, second and third year took part in the challenge.  They had two sets of problems and for each they had to make a written submission giving, not only their solutions, but also detailing the Mathematical strategies and working by which they came to their answer.

Some of our 2013 prize winners.

 Have a go yourself at the problems. If you get stuck solutions are available.

Some of our 2012 prize winners

 United Kingdom Mathematics challenge

Over one hundred pupils from first and second year took part in this nationwide competition. Pupils sat a written multiple choice Maths test at the same time as thousands of pupils from all over the UK.

Many pupils gained a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate.  Well done to all who took part. Pupils who do extremely well have the opportunity to go on to compete in the British Mathematical Olympiad.

 Our first year UKMT prize winners


Our second year UKMT prize winners

  • If you want to have a go yourself download this years’ paper from the website. Solutions are available.
  • Please click here for UKMT Papers from previous years


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