AH Applied Mathematics

Advanced Higher Applied Mechanics

The Advanced Higher in Applied Mathematics is a one year course which articulates with the Higher course studied in 5th Year. The course provides an introduction to the application of mathematics in the field of particle mechanics. No previous knowledge of the mechanics is necessary. There are two units on mechanics and a third developing mathematical methods often used in Applied Mathematics. Students wishing to take this course should have achieved at least a grade B at Higher.

Advanced Higher Mechanics Unit 1
• Kinematics in a straight line
• Kinematics in three dimensions, including relative motion.
• Projectile motion
• Force and Newton’s laws of motion

Advanced Higher Mechanics Unit 2
• Circular motion
• Simple harmonic motion
• Momentum and impulse
• Work, energy and power
• Rectilinear motion using differential equations

Advanced Higher Mathematics for Applied Mathematics Unit
• Algebraic operations
• Matrix algebra
• Differentiation
• Integration
• Differential Equations


Students sit a unit test after each of the three units. This is internally assessed and externally moderated by the SQA. These tests are at the level of basic competence. There will be a prelim examination which is designed to mirror the style and difficulty of the external assessment. The external assessment which will be taken in May consists of a three hour written paper. The paper consists of two sections. Section A examines the content of Mechanics units 1 and 2 and carries 68% of the available marks. Usually, 38% will be in the form of short free response questions, the remaining section of the paper will consist of three longer questions. Section B examines the Mathematics for the Applied Mathematics Unit and carries 34% of the overall marks. There are usually a mixture of short free response questions and one longer question.The Advanced Higher Applied Mathematics Course is at SCQF level 7. SQA Link – http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/45303.html

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