S1 pupils are placed in Maths sets in August according to ability and achievement levels gathered from their Primary School. Throughout the year a few pupils may move class if the class teacher thinks they need extension beyond their peers or they need extra support.

Pupils have five periods of Maths per week, the majority of this time being spent on Numeracy. The aims are to:

  • deepen understanding of place value
  • achieve instant recall with tables and number bonds
  • emphasis the link between fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio
  • highlight mental Maths strategies

Thus giving pupils a choice in their learning and a firm basis to choose from. The following topics are taught:

  • Term 1 (Aug-Oct)  – Whole numbers, Angles.(Whole Numbers tested before Oct break)
  • Term 2 (Oct-Dec) – Fractions, Coordinates.(Fractions test and Angles/Coordinates test before the Christmas break)
  • Term 3 (Jan-Mar) – Decimals, Percentages, Algebra (Decimals test before Feb break, Percentages test before Easter break and Algebra test end of April)
  • Term 4 (Apr-June) – Statistics and Probability (Project to assess)

Homework will be issued most nights and should take around 15 minutes to complete. It will be based around the teaching and learning experiences that day and so should not cause concern. Any pupil who is having difficulty with homework should speak to their class teacher the next day. Pupils can work through some/all of the worksheets below to help consolidate their learning in mathematics.

For extra revision materials in S1, please click here

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