Pupils in S2 get four periods of Maths per week:

  • Term 1 (June-Oct) – Length, Area and Volume, Scientific Notation and Percentages using a calculator.(Test on Length, Area and Volume before the October break)
  •  Term 2 (Oct-Dec)  – Fractions, Ratio, Enlargement, Scale and Similarity. (Test on Scientific Notation, Percentages, Fractions and Ratio before the Christmas break)
  •  Term 3 (Jan-April) – Rounding to significant figures, DST, reverse percentage problems and Algebra. (A calculator and a non-calculator test on Enlargement, Scale, Similarity, Rounding, DST, Percentages and Algebra at the end of April)
  • Term 4 (April-June) – Samples, Bias and Famous Mathematicians. (Project to assess)

In the new year, some pupils will progress into 4th level while others will re-vist 3rd level experiences and outcomes.

Homework will be issued most nights and should take around 15 minutes to complete. It will be based around the teaching and learning experiences that day and so should not cause concern. Any pupil who is having difficulty with homework should speak to their class teacher the next day. Pupils can work through some/all of the worksheets below to help consolidate their learning in mathematics.

For extra revision materials in S2, please click here

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