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All the links below have been collated for your enjoyment in maths. The Games link below has many cool maths related games – please click on any of the links below and have some fun  :-). If you know of a maths related fun game, please let Mr Milton know so he can add it to this website.

Games – 17 fun maths games websites 🙂

math animated GIF

Maths Puzzles and UKMT Challenges – Just how good are you at solving fun maths puzzles 🙂

Quirky Maths Algorithms  – How bizarre 🙂

Funny Exam Answers – There is nothing like a little humour to cheer up your day 🙂

Chess – Wow, a cat that can play chess!! – Please click here for an amazing & very entertaining animated video clip of chess pieces doing battle :-)

Make Your Own ‘Moving Head Dragon’ – Cut Outs – To see the moving head dragon follow you about the room, please go to Mr Milton’s classroom – Be aware, it’s very scary but it’s also very cool   🙂

If you are brave, you can watch a short video of a few fearless students ‘conjure up the evil spirit to raise the dragon from the deepest shadows of the internet and discover the secrets hidden within’ – warning, click here at your peril !!!! 🙂

Please click here if, like the brave students above, you would like to make your own dragon – choice of three colours as well as instructions 🙂


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