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Lifeskills National 5

The National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics Course enables learners to apply mathematical ideas and strategies to managing finance, statistics, geometry and measurement in real-life contexts. These qualifications support numeracy and are designed to develop learners’ mathematical reasoning skills for learning, life and work. These Courses develop confidence and independence in handling information and mathematical tasks in both personal life and in the workplace. The Courses motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to think through real-life situations involving mathematics.

It is essential that you purchase a good quality scientific calculator and become familiar with how to use its functions for several months before important assessments – Please bring your calculator to class every day.

Being organised is hugely beneficial – print out the past paper/specimen questions & solutions (see below) and place the sheets neatly into an A4 folder – attempt the questions, check your answers and also place your neatly written out solutions in the folder – this folder will be the passport to your success in National 5 Lifeskills Maths. The earlier you start this process the better – in other words, start now!!

Two useful books worth purchasing to aid your studies are;

Past Papers/Specimen Papers

Bitsize National 5 Lifeskills Link – Click here

Course & Unit Support Notes – Click here

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